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In Chiado - Bairro Alto
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A once in a lifetime opportunity to invest and live in an exclusive area!

Welcome to Luz Soriano Palace.

By ARCHITECTURE TOTE SER, in partnership with a group of investors, in one of Lisbon's streets a new development that promises to become a symbol of the city was born.

Once upon a time, Luz Soriano Palace was an aristocratic residence and, later on, the home of the historic newspaper Diário de Lisboa, the communication of the city for decades (1921-1990). Today, the Luz Soriano Palace is reborn, completely renovated with four floors and a penthouse. We gave Lisbon back a classic design with historical identity and residential memories, a modern and exclusive project, signed by architects.

As soon as you enter your apartment, experience living in an atmosphere that is a result of attention to each detail, comfort, well-being, functionality and aesthetic of an exclusive project. We want to provide a superior experience in your city: Lisbon.

Luz Soriano Palace rises above the blue immensity of the Tagus River, the city’s historical area, the castle and the picturesque streets of Chiado/Bairro Alto, in a landscape which provides us with a view over the city, a castle and the river.

Start every day with Lisbon’s golden light and each night with a sunset over the city, due to privileged sun exposure.

The Luz Soriano Palace isn’t just an ideal apartment in Lisbon; it’s also a top investment that will guarantee the highest profitability and appreciation over time.

It is a unique opportunity to live in an exclusive place.


Where history meets sophistication!


Luz Soriano Palace – The Perfect Residential Investment!


Right in the centre of the city and surrounded by its neighbourhood charms!

A project like this also offers a unique location.

You can find Luz Soriano Palace in the heart of Bairro Alto: an open air museum. A postcard photo wherever you look. A labyrinth of elegance in which the history of Lisbon took place, is ready for you to enjoy today.

This city’s meeting point is the cultural core and the cradle of some of Lisbon’s main attractions.

In Rua Luz Soriano specifically, you will find the peace and quiet of a Portuguese village, inside the neighbourhood’s calmer area.

However, a few steps away from the apartment, you’ll discover the best Lisbon can offer: theatres, traditional shops, Fado houses, historical cafes, contemporary art museums, belvederes, iconic restaurants and the best night life in Lisbon within walking distance.

At Luz Soriano Palace, you can be connected to the whole of Lisbon and the world. Lisbon’s downtown area is a known meeting hub due to the:

  • Metro (Baixa-Chiado - Blue and Green lines);
  • Several bus and tram routes (including the iconic tram 28);
  • Cais do Sodré River Station;
  • Two train lines, Rossio (Sintra) and Cais do Sodré (Cascais).

Chiado: 600 m; Camões SQUARE: 450 m; Bica: 270 m; Cais do Sodré: 950 m; Terreiro do Paço: 1.400 m; Rossio: 1.000 m

Baixa Chiado Metro Station: 550 m; Cais do Sodré River Station: 1.000 m; Cais do Sodré Train Station: 950 m; Rossio Train Station: 750 m

Rua Luz Soriano, 92-100 - Lisbon - Portugal

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